Question: Why have a feature about Lawyers on a Chiropractic Info Site?

Answer: Patients have the occasional Personal Injury issue or Malpractice question.  A large group of chiropractors practice physical medicine, including providing assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disabling injuries, even injuries that have occurred on the work site or possibly as a result of negligence. This unavoidably overlaps into the legal category of “Personal Injury” and legal advice and advocacy is often needed.  Often patients will ask legal questions in the chiropractic clinic that would be better handled by a professional; a referral must then be suggested. Clinics want to help their patients, but referring patients out to lawyers becomes tricky, and can easily create conflicts of interest.  Likewise, referrals made by doctors become discoverable in court cases and can raise flags.  We are thus able to satisfy this need here, at no charge to you, taking the pressure off your chiropractor so they can focus on your care. Also, if you have a chiropractor already, you will want a lawyer who will work well with that type of provider. The Lawyers and Law Firms identified below have identified themselves as Lawyers who work well with Chiropractic patients, and will consult with you confidentially and at no cost to you.  Please also research our Legal Stuff index for questions about Insurance Benefits, Settlements, and concepts like Apportionment and Permanent Injury, Impairment and Disability.

Malpractice issues occasionally arise, although Chiropractic is generally considered a safe form of conservative care. Disciplinary questions arise when boundaries are broken or standards of practice are not met. If you have questions about anything regarding a doctor that you have not been able to resolve with your provider, these law firms in your area have identified themselves as Lawyers able to provide answers to your malpractice or Disciplinary questions.

Please also consider researching Malpractice and Disciplinary index on this site as well, before or in conjunction with considering legal action. There are some strategies on that page to help you communicate to your doctor or get clarification of your issues.



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