October is Oregon Chiropractic Month

Chiropractors in Oregon scored a major “social proof” victory this month, when Governor Mark Kitzhaber proclaimed that Oregon that October is “Oregon Chiropractic Health and Wellness Month.

The text of the proclamation is actually really great, and you can see it below.

The bottom line is a seven-year prospective follow-up study, analyzing more then 70,000 member-months of patients managed by doctors of chiropractic, showed an 85% reduction in drug costs, a 62% reduction in MRIs and surgeries, and a 60.2% reduction of in – hospital admissions.Those Numbers sound really great to us, and if you are a chiropractic patient, that should sound good as well – and if you’re not a chiropractic patient, you might look at that data and ask the question… just more data points to consider.

If the state of Oregon is willing to go that far to say that chiropractic has validity for them, then we probably could pay attention to that.