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Second opinions – what is it about them?

Second opinions are interesting subject. The most important thing to decide about getting a second opinion, is the reason the second opinion is being requested. Is the second opinion being requested to confirm or refute a diagnosis? Another words, are you quite convinced that you need a hip replacement, but you just want to make…

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How Long will it take to get results with Chiropractic?

Good Question! Not a short answer. The best response is probably going to be “Some of that will be up to me and this treatment plan, some of that will be up to you, and some of that will be up to reality. “ We have to be careful both asking and answering this question…

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What is Graston Technique?

Graston Technique is a method of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM)  that is practiced by a wide range of practitioners, and is not specifically associated with chiropractic, although Chiropractors can and do become certified in IASTM.  Graston involves the use of  patented and specialized curved metal instruments, blunted but with a slight bevel, that are…

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Self-Manipulation and “Popping Myself” – should I?

Don’t do it any more than you are told is ok by a Doctor of Chiropractic, if you have to do it at all.  I tell my patients to let me do it for them, and not to hypermobilize their joints. If you do this anything more than “rarely” it is probably too much, and…

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Can I adjust myself? Adjust my own neck, self adjusting, pop my own neck / pop my back?

You might be able to “make something “pop”, but you cannot  “self-adjust”. Manipulative therapy or “adjusting” is a complicated process involving leverage, vectors of direction, specific amounts force (high velocity with low amplitude), a purpose, a plan, indications and contraindications and most of all, restraint and control. Even the best chiropractor cannot truly “adjust themselves”…

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